The materials are ground by rotating two grinding bowls which contain grinding balls. The mill is fabricated in such a way that the rotation of the sun disc is in the clockwise direction, when the bowls rotate in counter clockwise direction. As a result the friction takes place between the grinding balls and materials. The friction intensified by the grinding balls striking one another when that has sample materials between them.


  • Grinding of samples in dry as well as in suspension.
  • Feed size up to 10 MM
  • Output size  less than 1µm or less.
  • Main disc speed – 25 to 400 rpm with digital display
  • Speed ratio between sun disc & grinding bowl is 1:-2
  • ON Time ( 1-999 min) + OFF Time (1-999 min) = 1 Cycle
  • No of Cycles (1-99)
  • Programmable direction rotation like forward, reverse and both ways with real time digital display
  • The Mill can run continuously for 12 Hrs.
  • Micro processor based variable speed control with self diagnostics.
  • Programmable RPM setting, run-time setting off time setting with clockwise and anti clockwise rotation setting option available.
  • Real time display of all set of parameters during operation.
  • Inbuilt cooling fans for grinding chamber as well as for motor for longer running.
  • Safety lock for grinding bowl with S S bolt & nut with clamping type and micro switch safety for Mill during operation.
  • Operating power: 230 V-AC, 50Hz, 10 Amps 2 pole MCB with earth connection.
  • Drive – Belt driven self lubricated
  • Dimension 700X500X500(h) mm (approx) with MS angle & thick sheet
  • Weight 35-40 Kg (approx)



Bowls are available from sizes of 50 ml to 500 ml of Stainless Steel, Alumina, Tungsten Carbide and Zirconium Oxide. Inert gas operation facility also available.

Balls are available of different sizes of same materials as above.





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